Orchid Talks by Mary E. Gerritsen

I have several orchid talks that may be of interest to orchid societies:

Culture talks:

Masdevallias: Selected Species and How to Grow Them

Miniature Orchids and How to Grow Them

Growing Orchids Outdoors in the San Francisco Bay Area


Slippery Tales

Orchid Conservation in Brazil

Orchids of the Rio Negro, Brazili

Ascent to Mount Roraima: Orchids and Carnivorous plants in the Lost World

Orchids in Thailand

Mediterranean Bee Orchids

Orchids in New Guinea

Orchids in Borneo

Orchids in Sulawesi

Orchids of Southern Colombia

Contact information: email: meg570@comcast.net

Biography (for newsletters/web site announcements)

Mary Gerritsen, Ph.D. is an independent biotechnology consultant who has been growing orchids (mostly species) on and off for more than 30 years, and since relocating to the San Francisco Bay area in 1997 started to a collection of small cool growing miniature species such as Masdevallias, Porroglossums, Lepanthes and other assorted tiny gems. She also has a second intermediate greenhouse, filled with larger species such as Angraecoids, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Laelias, Phalaenopsis and Bulbophyllums. She loves to see orchids growing in situ, and has made it her mission over the last few years to see as many as possible, with trips to see and photograph orchids (and other flora as well) in Canada, many parts of the USA and Mexico, and countries in Central America (Costa Rica, Panama), South America (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezeula), South East Asia (Borneo, southern and southwestern China, Sulawesi, northern Thailand, Papua New Guinea), western Australia, Europe (Crete, Cyprus, Germany, Mallorca, Rhodes and Sicily) as well as South Africa and Madagascar.

She is the co-author of several botanical books: Masdevallias, Gems of the Orchid World; Calochortus, Mariposa Lilies and their Relatives; A Compendium of Miniature Orchid Species; A Bay Area Guide to Orchids and their Culture; and the American Orchid Society Guide to Orchid and their Culture, with fellow San Francisco Orchid Society Member and well known photographer, Ron Parsons.

Mary frequently lectures to orchid societies in the San Francisco Bay area, and on occasion, nearby Southern California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and sometimes even further afield (Missouri, Kansas, Canada). She is on the board of directors of the Orchid Digest, the chief operating officer and treasurer of the Orchid Conservation Alliance, and is also a member of the American Orchid Society, the San Franciso Orchid Society, the Peninsula Orchid Society and the Pleurothallid Alliance.